Nacktradeln Event in den USA - World Naked Bike Ride in Portland mit Sara Underwood

Leider auch bei dieser Reportage völlig übertriebene unsinnige Zensurbalken. Man schützt den Zuseher vor dem Anblick von Menschen.

Wer war schon mal dabei, und wer möchte da mal mitfahren?

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Surfing at Blacks Beach, 2009

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Just what would it take for motorists to start noticing bikers and cyclists? 

Naked cycling might not be the ideal solution — it can get a bit brrr — but our intrepid volunteer certainly turned a few heads on his commute through busy London streets. The stunt was part of the AA’s #ThinkBikes campaign, backed by keen cyclist and AA President Edmund King along with the AA Charitable Trust. 

Let’s all stay safe on the roads!

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Nimbin World Naked Bike Ride 2014:

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Check out “Interview with Nicky Hoffman from The Naturist Society” on Vimeo #Vimeo #nude #nudist #nudebeach

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IMHO this is neither sexy or funny. This is healthy and beautiful.

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Muybridge Plate 327 (Rowing) 


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This is so, so, so awesome

Can we be friends?!?!

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